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White Collar Crimes
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Computer Crimes
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Criminal Defense Lawyer James A. Schoenberger

Since 1981 Jim Schoenberger's law practice has included civil litigation, government and criminal defense. As former senior attorney for a federal agency prosecuting financial frauds, Mr. Schoenberger learned that sometimes good people do bad things. The Law Office of James A. Schoenberger is now exclusively devoted to criminal defense and immigration matters.

We serve those charged with crimes in Thurston, Pierce, King and Kitsap counties. Our fees are reasonable and we use a fee agreement that is fair to defendants. Unlike the traditional flat fee arrangement, we prefer to have a retainer amount with an agreed minimum fee so that an early resolution of a case results in refund of unearned fees.

Experience counts. Since opening his Washington law office in 2003, Mr. Schoenberger has tried more than 100 felony and DUI cases to juries earning the respect of judges and prosecutors.

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